"They shall mount up with wings of eagles" Isaiah 40:31

A Word From Our Founders


Zane and Cindy Edwards

After 41 years of full time ministry, God placed in our hearts a desire to help those who are in ministry.  During our own ministry, we experienced many different, sometimes hurtful emotions.  During these times, we desired a place to which we could go and share our burdens, frustrations and deepest sorrows - a place where we could be heard and receive understanding and empathy.  If you have been in ministry for even a short amount of time, you know these situations.  We, in ministry, are often-times frustrated with our people and, on occasion, we are frustrated or even angry with God.  At times in our ministry we wondered where God was, and wanted to cry out and say, "I just don't believe anymore".  These are natural feelings that many of the Old Testament men of God felt.  We knew that we couldn't express these feelings of disappointment in God to the people God had called us to serve.  Even when we thought of sharing these feelings with our peers, we found that they were often at a loss as to what to say.  

With this in mind, my wife and I started "Mended Wings Ministries".  We offer a place where God's servants can come, rest, relax and renew themselves for the work of ministry.  We offer a non-judgmental ear for you to share your frustration and disappointments.  If you need a place like that, please contact us to see if we can be an encouragement to you.

Zane and Cindy Edwards